Why Plastic Bags are a Good Thing

Why Plastic Bags are a Good Thing

You may have already heard that “plastic is bad for the planet” or that it is going to poison us all. Well, nothing could be further from the truth, and especially when it comes to plastic bags. These things can do far more good than bad, and are a useful thing for all of us. That is why we have decided to show you why plastic is a good thing for us on the subject of plastic bags. So, if you were one of the people believing that the plastic bags should be banned, read this text and you’ll definitely have a change of heart.


Are Plastic Bags of Use to Us?

First, we should see why plastic bags are so useful to us. Most people should agree with this section no matter what opinion they have on plastic, because they have help a plastic bag in their hands at least once in their life, and know what exactly we’re talking about.

First of all, the plastic bags are just perfect for carrying a large number of smaller objects. This means that they are just perfect for going to the store to pick up some milk, fruit, candy, etc. You just can’t pack that all in a paper bag; I mean, you could, but you’d have trouble carrying it all with you. With plastic bags, you won’t have that problem, because they are really lightweight, but still highly strong.

Another thing that makes plastic bags really useful is the fact that they are really cheap and easily disposable. They don’t take too much space, and could be used over and over again. This basically means that you won’t be polluting the planet as much as some people think, because you can use the same plastic bag for 15-20 times!

Keep in mind that a plastic bag is not something that is being made especially to pollute the environment as some people might want you to think. In fact, not making plastic bags would be a lot worse, because a plastic bag is nothing more than a by-product of oil. So, if you don’t use that by-product to make these plastic bags, you’d just have to burn it off. That would pollute the environment a lot more – it would pollute the nature, it would pollute the atmosphere, it would pollute the waters, etc.

And finally, perhaps the thing that makes a plastic bag one of the best products out there is the fact that almost all of them are waterproof. That means that, if you’re going somewhere wet, you can just place your stuff in a plastic bag, tie it up, and your stuff won’t get wet! You could never do that with a paper bag. This is one of those inventions that has made our lives a lot better, comfortable and easier, and if people were to ban it, it would lead us down the wrong path.

Are Plastic Bags Damaging the Environment?

Alright, we have shown you why a plastic bag is a practical and useful thing to have, but now let’s turn to debunking all those myths that some people have been feeding the public for years, just trying to ban everything plastic. We will tell you a thing or two about the plastic bags that is probably going to change your view towards them.

First of all, don’t trust those people telling you that the plastic bags harm the animals, because that is just not trough. Of course, there is a possibility of some animals choking if they were to swallow it, but that could happen with any other product on this planet, no matter if it was made of plastic or any other material. This is a problem caused by illegal landfills and people who throw their trash by the road, and not by plastic bags!

Speaking of landfills, it should be said that the plastic bags only take up a tiny portion of them, and when we say “tiny”, we really do mean it – they only take up 0.2% of landfills! This means that there are so many other things polluting our planet or taking so much space on our scrapyards, and the plastic bags aren’t one of those.

Cut My Plastics say that we should all use eco-bags, but what they don’t tell you is the fact that the eco-bags are made of plastic as well! And besides, the ordinary plastic bag has less then one hundredth party of the material that is being used to make these eco-bags. And as we have already sad, the plastic bags are a by-product of oil, and using it to make bags would be much better than just destroying that by-product and thus ruining our environment.

And while we’re on the subject of environment, don’t the people who advise us not to use plastic bags also keep telling us that we need to recycle in order to save the planet? Well, that’s interesting, because the plastic bags are one hundred percent recyclable! That means that you can use the ones that you have torn or damaged in any way, and use them to create something new out of the same material. This means that the old bags won’t go in the ocean or in our nature – they will be used to create new bags. However, seeing how you can use the same plastic bags countless times, worrying about the bags in the oceans or forests shouldn’t be on top of your mind.


Basically, not using plastic bags because some people tell you that using them damages the environment would be bad. We believe that we have shown you both how these things can be of great use to us, and how they are, in fact, a better solution to, let’s say, the paper bags. Also, they’re aren’t really the top thing on the landfills, nor are they non-recyclable. So, all in all, plastic bags are a good.

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