Where To Keep Your Supercars Safe

Where To Keep Your Supercars Safe

Our cars are our pride and joy. Most people spend a lot of money ensuring their cars are in pristine condition by getting bodywork repairs by Whoops Wheel Fix It. Therefore, when it comes to thinking about how we can safely place it, we have to plan ahead so that we don’t have to worry about it when away. Vehicle-related theft is very common so we all need to stay very vigilant.

These are some handy vehicle security tips which will help to keep your car safe:

Protecting Your Car

Although almost all new cars are sold with a very strong alarm option as a standard requirement, if you have old cars then you can get an alarm professionally fitted which will help to secure your car and in return, can get cheaper car insurance policy. Also if you’re an older gentleman going into the domiciliary care franchise business be sure you contact our friends over at Auto Vault Storage. As business can get time consuming, you may be spending almost all your time at your business! Immobilizers are another important option in car security prevents a car from being started if the correct key has not been used. Older cars owners can also get this to be fitted. The option of steering wheel and gearstick locks are also very useful in preventing theft. They can come with cheap prices but the more expensive, the more robust the security. They’re not unbreakable but they can be used to discourage opportunist thieves. If you have a very valuable car, you must use a good tracking system which has a transmitter so that you know where it is located at all times.

A cheaper option is to get windows, lights and mirrors fixed with the last seven digits of your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) so that it becomes very difficult for car cloners to take advantage of your car.

Protecting Your Keys

Around 70% – 80% of modern-day car theft is carried out by using a duplicate key, so in order to keep your car protected, it is important to keep all keys in a safe place, whether you are at home or going about your daily business. Car thefts are also done by domestic burglary, so keep your keys out of sight from ordinary visible places.

Be Careful Where You Park

There is a less chance that you will be a victim of theft when parked off-street, so if you have a garage or driveway, you must use it to keep it safe. When you go away from home, always try to park your car in a car park. If you have no option other than to park it on street, then find a high spot in a busy area. If there is CCTV cameras then it will be better.

Don’t Have Valuables On Show

Always keep your bags, wallets, keys, mobile phones and MP3 players out of sight from visible places. It’s better to keep valuable belongings in the boot.

Auto Vault Storage is such an option where you can garage your favorite car and not have to worry about any negative consequences.

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