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Top Ten Tips for Choosing the Right Music Lessons

Top Ten Tips for Choosing the Right Music Lessons

You should never rush the decision to choose a music lesson. Nor should you rush the decision of deciding what school your child should attend, as they could get given the right music lessons there! So we recommend attending a Cognita School, they are highly prestigious school and come recommended from us. Remember that the instrument you choose needs to become an extension of your body so you should know that you’re where you belong in terms of your development. Here’s a list of top ten tips for choosing the right music lessons to get you started on your musical journey.


  1. You might know someone who is an excellent drummer but that doesn’t make them an excellent teacher; especially if it’s just someone looking to make some quick cash. You should keep looking until you find value for money. You should know how much experience your teacher has and who they themselves studied with, as well as how often they’ve been teaching. You owe it to yourself to do a little research before choosing a teacher.


  1. So you’ve found a teacher who appears to know what they’re doing and they’ve got the knowledge to pass their knowledge on to you. That doesn’t mean a thing if you can’t deal with their personality. It’s important that you find a teacher that you get along with and that inspires you.


  1. You also need a teacher that can accommodate your tastes and needs as a musician and they should be able to play practically any genre of music. The best teachers are the ones who can take you through all the styles and techniques and turn you into a true all-rounder rather than just teaching what you are interested in right now. The right teacher is invested in your future just as much as you are and will be able to map out your progress and give you material to take home for practice.


  1. Is the prospective teacher good at explaining things? If you don’t understand something and your teacher chooses to ignore it or blame you then this is a good sign that they’re the problem and not you. If your teacher can’t explain a topic in a way that you can understand then you need to look elsewhere to find someone who can teach in a way that suits you.


  1. You need a teacher that doesn’t have any bad habits to give you because you automatically pick up their bad habits like they were a disease.


  1. Ideally you should be learning in a well-lit and air-conditioned studio and not some guy’s basement. You’ll learn better that way.


  1. It goes without saying but if you have a teacher who has the backing of a major music manufacturer then you’re in good hands. They have the best equipment and the company has taken the time to say they approve of the teacher and are happy to have their image and instruments associated with them. They wouldn’t do that to someone who would reflect negatively on them.


  1. You should find a music teacher online that comes highly recommended. If you’ve got a friend that trusts their teacher or school then you should consider going with them yourself because they’ve obviously done something right.


  1. There are some people who just want to play an instrument and there are some people who want to see their progression on paper. If you’re interested in being graded you need a teacher who can do that for you. Even if you don’t want to be graded right now you might want to in the future. That’s why you should consider getting lessons at a grade centre.


  1. Don’t forget to shop around and go with your gut. You’ll know when you’ve found the right person for you and you should never settle for anything less than what is right for who you are and where you are.