How to Be a Locksmith: Build Your Career with Apprenticeship

How to Be a Locksmith: Build Your Career with Apprenticeship

Locksmithing can be a complex task, especially if you are thinking of it as a career. For this reason, it is best to build your career and learn from the masters of the trade. Before you consider applying for a locksmithing job or build a shop to cater to locksmithing and home security needs, it is best to go through an apprenticeship program first.

Do You Need to Go Through Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeship in locksmithing may be a relatively new concept, since it was not too long until the Master Locksmiths Association (MLA) has pushed for the funding and development of locksmith apprenticeship and qualification. By being a certified locksmith after apprenticeship, you would be able to successfully start your career as a master locksmith with your certification as a trusted professional local locksmith for instance. You would also be able to avail of follow up education that will give you leverage in the trade competition.

What You Will Learn

Locksmith apprenticeship courses are divided into numerous sections. First off are the five mandatory sections for your certification:

  1. Reducing health and safety risks while at work
  2. Effective communication with others
  3. Risk assessment while at work
  4. Cutting and issuing keys
  5. Design of different key systems and locks

You will also have a choice to learn either how to maintain, prepare, and operate locksmith machines or how to secure records of locksmith activities and customer keys. Apart from these, you would also have a choice of learning the following skills:

  1. Provide quotations for door hardware and security devices
  2. Collect information through surveying sites for installation, maintenance, or specification of door hardware and security devices
  3. Troubleshoot door hardware and security devices
  4. Open and fix faulty security devices to help customers gain access to their own property
  5. Install more complex door hardware and security devices

When you are entering a career where your customer’s security is the biggest concern, it is only proper that you get the right education and training to do so.

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