Enjoying the Best Vaping Experience in the summer

Enjoying the Best Vaping Experience in the summer

Summer is an amazing season that everyone is looking forward to but e-liquids won’t like the heat so much. Take note that temperature is a factor that can affect the life of your vaping device as much as the battery is concerned and it is a high temperature that can cause a leak in your vaping devices. Now, how can you enjoy the summer with your e-liquid?

Follow the following tips and tricks so you can enjoy fully the summer season:

  • Never store your e-juice in the car.

Of course when you leave the car, you will turn off the air conditioning system and there is a possibility that the temperature will rise due to the direct sunlight coming in the car.

  • Keep the temperature below 37 degrees Celsius because studies show that this kind of liquids can break down around 40 degrees Celsius. Too much heat can cause discoloration, change in viscosity and can immediately change the flavor of the juice. Once this happens, there is no chance for it to return to its original state no matter how you try to cool it back. As a solution to this, you should store your e-liquid in a cool place at a temperature under the disintegration point which has been mentioned above.
  • If you are planning to have long trips, it is good to take with you an ice pack. Do not place the liquid and your vaping device immediately with the ice pack but keep them inside a zip lock bag to keep them dry. Another option to do for a long travel is to place the e-liquid beneath your seat or in the trunk. Again, sunlight can be a great trouble for your vape and juice.
  • Ensure that your batteries will be safe and cool along with the vaping juice. If you just remember to save the liquid, then it has still no use if the device will not work. Never try charging your battery using the car’s USB charger because a hot car can cause overcharging it may be damaged if charged excessively. When travelling with your Vape kit, do not keep loose batteries in your pocket so make sure you have your external batteries in battery cases/wraps and out of the way of metal objects, liquids or direct sunlight for long periods.

To make your summer experience even fun, here are the best vape e-juice flavors you have to take with you:


They bring to you the highest quality of liquid which consumers always look forward to. They offer exciting flavor varieties to satisfy the taste of all the vapers. The best thing about this brand is all their juices are on a made to order basis to ensure freshness and unique flavor of your chosen flavor.

  1. VaporFi

VaporFi only offers best-selling items world-wide. Vaporfi are renowned to have 100% quality liquids made in the USA. You can choose from their wide range of intense and playful flavors with varying nicotine levels. Take note that there nicotine is with superior quality. They make use of the most physiologically active type of nicotine which is very pleasurable. Their E-Liquid flavourings are specifically made to be inhaled, they are a step beyond “food grade,” and they have been GRAS approved.


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