Debunking Myths about Electric Meters

Debunking Myths about Electric Meters

More and more countries around the world have decided to start installing new smart electric meters in order to upgrade their power companies, and to allow for a better and more accurate power reading. However, every now and then, a popular myth pops up, claiming that the electric meters are bad because of this or that. Well, we’ve decided to give those myths to you, and tell you why they are wrong.

Electric Meters


But firstly, let’s say a thing or two about the electric meters, and tell you what they actually are. They are the power consumption meters that can transmit the energy consumption information back to the power company a lot more frequently than the old analogue ones could. The analogue ones had to be read once a month by a person, while these things do it all automatically, without the need of having a person doing the reading.

The first myth states that these smart electric meters aren’t as accurate as the old analogue ones. Well, this actually couldn’t be farther from the truth, because the accuracy was one of the main reasons why the old analogue electric meters were being replaced by these ones. Apart from that, the power companies perform accuracy tests rather frequently, and often even compare them to the old analogue meters. These tests are performed by an independent and certifies testing facility, for example a company like JSG Solutions which basically proves that these things are as accurate as possible.

The second most common myth about these devices states that they can cause serious health issues due to the fact that they communicate with the power companies through wireless signals. Although it is true that they communicate using the wireless signals, the fact remains that the frequency that these devices use to emit information is much lower than the limits which are set by the authorities. Also, they are below any level that is being produced by your everyday household appliances, like the microwaves, satellite TVs, or even the baby monitors or the cell phones. Some of the experts have even said that in order to get the equivalent of one year of average cell phone usage, you’d have to be exposed to the frequency the smart electric meter uses for 375 years!

And the final most common myth tells us that these smart meters are invading our privacy. Well, that one is just plain wrong, because the only thing the smart meters send out is the information about the consumption of power in your household. The only way for the electric smart meter could invade your privacy would be if you install a home energy management system. So, it is clear that the electric meter only measures the amount of power used, and it does not know if the power has been used by a computer, a hair dryer or a TV. Also, there are laws that strictly forbid the power companies form invading people’s privacy, and that is exactly why the power companies have strict policies which they have to adhere

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