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Day: November 1, 2017

7 Colours to add to your autumn wardrobe

7 Colours to add to your autumn wardrobe

The fall reminds you of the upcoming chilling and freezing weather conditions. There are many people who believe that you cannot style much during the time because you can feel the cold weather with the breeze everywhere. Your wardrobe color doesn’t necessarily have to be dark. It can be as colorful and lively as you prefer during the summer and springtime.

Let us find out the colours that are best for the autumn wardrobe.


The colour teal seems to be the trend this season. It is the colour in between the green and blue and gives a royal look. The best part is that the colour suits every skin tone. There is perhaps no clothing that this colour will not fit. Whether you wear a skirt, chinos, casual shirt or gowns, teal colour will make you look who you really are.

Burnt orange

Bright and vivid corals are suitable for the summer time. But with winter, burnt orange is the colour to opt for. Whether you wear cardigans or a lace up dress, the burnt orange colour is the safest option to choose from. The burnt orange color is a good option for women of all age groups. Don’t miss out the chance to flaunt the beautiful colour.

Deep green

Greens are a huge hit this fall. You can opt for different shades of green starting from the military green, smoke green to the rich forest green. All the three shades of green are very popular and look amazing in jackets, trousers and skirts. The fashion designers have been using the colour tone in the clothing line as well. You can pick the one that suits you the best.


Oxblood is basically the rich red color with the undertone of the muddy brown tone. This is one such colour that is an absolute must this autumn season. From shirts, trousers to skirts, gowns and even loafers, oxblood is the colour that is a staple for every wardrobe this season. Watch straps from Paul Twice uses this colour. Do you own this colour in your wardrobe yet?


Apart from the colors that you are adding to your wardrobe, you need to add some neutral colours as well to balance it off. It goes without saying that grey is a winter colour and it is an excellent way to begin showcasing the hue from fall itself. Go for lace works, unique textures and weaves so that your garment doesn’t look flat and too simple.

Royal blue

If you want to add a dash of glamour to your fall clothing line, royal blue is the colour to go for. The rich and regal colour gives a very glamorous look when you wear a gown, a skirt, a shirt or a blazer. The colour suits both men and women. It is suitable especially during night events and parties.


Yellow is a lively and bubbly colour. It goes very well during the summer time and the spring. But yellow can add a jink in your wardrobe during the fall, followed by the winter. Try it once and see the difference.